Facebook Marketing

People do business with brands, companies and people that they recognize, trust and like. Facebook, like other social media platforms, offer customers a channel of communication both with the company, and with its other customers. Social recommendations play an increasingly large role in the consumer purchasing decisions, and Facebook has the best in breed social community. The value of Facebook, in particular, is even more apparent if your product or services targets an educated or young market. The benefits of reaching customers, revieving feedback, and growing your brand are obvious, but so are a few of the potential pitfalls. Social Media Marketing campaigns require some learning, planning, and acting on the part of the business, in addition to a sense of how to properly communicate with your customer.

Due to the complexity of soical media relations, and the fast pace new features and methods are released in the Facebook community, some if not many businesses make the decision to avoid Facebook, and sometimes all social media, entirely. This is a huge mistake, but one that your business can capitalize on by being present where they aren’t.

Bright Box Ideas can help you:

  • Create an engaging Facebook Page
  • Educate owners and organizations about the “right” way to use their page
  • Integrate social recommendations that highlight the quality of your product or service
  • Promote existing Fan Pages
  • Analyze Facebook reports that tell you who is visiting your page, as well as geographic and demographic information on your fans
  • Expand your brand though Facebook Ads
  • Optimize your marketing campaigns to achieve predetermined goals

Choose your level of service!

  1. Do-It-Yourself – Bright Box Ideas doesn’t reserve the expertise it has about how to maximize your online performance, we’re more than happy to teach you how to engage the social marketplace.
  2. Professional Plan – If you don’t have the time, or would prefer to concentrate on your business, we are more than happy to offer Facebook Page Management Services, Facebook Page Creation Services, Facebook Advertising Consulting, and Facebook Widget Integration for your Business or Organization. Didn’t buy your website through us? No Problem! We can help out at any stage of the game.

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