Social Media Marketing

We will establish your social media presence

Bright Box Ideas understands that many business and organizations can utilize social media outlets to promote products, events and ideas.  We will help you asses what outlets best reach your target audience. You can then utilize these social elements in correlation with your website to maintain a strong social and internet presence.  Contact us today and our knowledgeable staff will send your social campaign in the right direction. Click here to learn more about establishing your social media presence

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Let us managing your social media

Dont let your social presence hang in limbo with un answered comments or suffer from sporadic updates and posts. Improperly managing your social media can tarnish your brand and credibility.  To avoid this type of  situation we offer the unique and affordable service of social media management. Bright Box will compile a social media plan tailored to your business or organization that is high impact and cost effective. Click here to learn more about how Bright Box can manage your social media outlets


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Social media consulting

Managing your own social media campaign can be difficult and time consuming. Bright Box consulting will optimize your  social marketing strategy and focus your resources on whats most effective. Click here to read more about social media consulting

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