Branding your business

Expanding and advertising your brand is an excellent way to find new customers for your business. Bright Box will help you decide what media outlet will best reach your clients and customers.  Its importnat to us at Bright Box that all our clients receive the best return on all their advertising investments. We offer a wide range of business branding servies to meet the needs of many different kinds of business.

Bright Box Branding services

  • Internet Advertising Campaign Management - Thinking of buying ad space on popular websites using Facebook, Google AdWords, or straight bulk ad-buys? Bright Box Ideas has experience managing these ad platforms and others.
  • Internet Advertising Design - Logo design, Website graphic creation
  • Print advertising - Business cards, stationary brochures, flyers, store front and vehicle signage, pens, keychains and other promotional items
  • Printed or embroidered apparel - work t-shirt and hoodys, embroiderd polos, towels, tote bags other branded apparel
  • Photography Servicesproduct photography, facility photography, photographical documentation of work for portfolio
  • Social Media Marketing - Facebook, Google Local, Yelp, YouTube, Twitter, and 4Square are just a few of the places your business may already be represented. We can help you create, manage, and market your social media spaces without making the common mistakes that turn customers away.